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PVP Off-hand weapons out of balance


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I'm presuming the imperial Side is the same as the Republic's, at the War Hero Level:


Off-hand Generator and Shield: 113 expertise

War Hero Weaponmaster's Lightsaber: 151 expertise


Off-hand Shotguns: 113 expertise

War Hero Field Tech's Offhand Blaster:151 exp


All three of the commando's offhand items have 113 expertise

All three of the Consular's offhand items have 113 expertise


Examining the other stats on the items to see if they're in tune with each other, the most similar statistics are in the Smuggler's off-hands:

Offhand blaster: 87 Cunning, 111 Endurance, 151 Expertise, 649 Tech Power, 53 Accuracy, 61 Critical

Enforcer's Shotgun: 87 Cunning, 82 Endurance, 113 Expertise, 649 Tech Power, 53 Surge, 49 Critical

Medic's Shotgun: 87 Cunning, 82 Endurance, 113 Expertise, 649 Tech Power, 49 Power, 53 Critical


Assertion: Based on other PvP Gear and Reverse Engineering

Power, Critical, Surge, Accuracy have the same itemization "cost", lets call this "Other Stat Points"


From Reverse Engineering

First RE: Defense = Critical = Power

Second RE: Surge = Accuracy = Presence = Alacrity = Shield Rating


From PvP Gear:

Knight pvp gloves: Vindicator and War Leader: Shield = Power and Absorption = Surge

Smuggler pvp legs: Tech and Medic: Accuracy = Alacrity

Smuggler pvp gloves: Tech and Medic: Accuracy = Surge

Smuggler pvp boots: Enforcer's and Medic: Alacrity = Surge

Smuggler pvp belts: Tech and Medic: Power = Critical


Provided that the above Assertions are true, the Offhand Blaster has +29 Endurance, +38 Expertise, +12 "Other Stat Points"


Solution Suggestion: make the support offhand have similar stats and have the same customization as the main hand item

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I notised the expertise difference today too. I am a Guardian and I find it realy weird that my offhand only have 113 expertise while others have 151. Its kinda unfair and makes no sense. I hope that it will be changed/fixed asap.
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This is why all offhand gear should be orange moddable.

Then you could optimize them so they match the main hand if desired.


Currently, only the classes that can use moddable gear in offhand get this advantage.

Gunslinger, Merc, Sent and Marauder.

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