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The term "premade" is over-used


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People complaining about premades are really just complaining about playing a good team.

Premade = A group of people using voice communication to achieve the same goal, usually they have grouped together for awhile. The expectation from the complainers is that this group will stomp the PUG they are on.


But there is another type of premade, 4 people from different guilds not using voice communication that all just happen to be good players. Funny thing is, the end result is the same. They stomp over the PUG they are playing against.


Bads and complainers listen up, you aren't losing because of a "problem with premades" you're losing because you aren't good at PvP and the team you are playing against is.

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our guild always groups up and we have vent but i never use it because I know everyone so well.


I know what they are going to do and what objectives they are going after, ect.


it is the other 4 people in the group we have to worry about.


/pray for 8 man queues

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