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Anyone who plays a Twi'lek knows that lekku are a mess. Typically asking for art corrections post-launch in MMOs is a fruitless endeavor because polish takes a back seat to endless bug fixes. However I feel it doesn't hurt to ask and I've created a list of all the issues I've noticed so far.


  • The lekku flex point is a bit off. This leads to some weird bending of the lekku when a Twi'lek turns his/her head.
    [sOLUTION] Adding two more flex points higher on the lekku would likely make them flex more naturally.
  • The lekku isn't weighted correctly. This is visible when going down elevators and the lekku just soars upward.
    [sOLUTION] The lekku need to be more resistant towards momentum.
  • Lekku like to drop suddenly at the beginning of cut-scenes.
    [sOLUTION] Likely some miscellaneous bug-fixing...?
  • Vibroswords have clipping issues with the lekku. I'm not sure if this includes other back mounted weapons as well.
    [sOLUTION] Re-position the weapon in the center of the back or on the hip.
  • High-backed armor has clipping issues.
    [sOLUTION] Introduce front-facing lekku for these armor variants.
  • Headbands clip through the lekku.
    [sOLUTION]Make a smaller model variant for Twi'leks. Let it be noted this isn't really too noticeable but I felt like I should just add it in to be thorough.
  • Helmets make the lekku magically disappear.
    [sOLUTION] Add 'port hole' object to the side of each helmet that make it look like the lekku are coming out of them.
  • Hoods aren't unsupported.
    [sOLUTION] Introduce a hood model for Twi'leks featuring front-facing lekku.


This seems like a lot of work but I don't understand introducing Twi'leks into the game and then not properly supporting their most distinctive feature. Hopefully with the success of SWTOR Bioware can spare some assets to rectify some of these issues.


If anyone has any additional issues to add I will amend this post and add them in. My Twi'lek is an inquisitor so I'm not aware of what issues the Twi'lek has with other classes.

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