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  1. If you are reporting a name 30 times in a row without it being addressed, I strongly suspect you are wrong in your assessment of the presence of a violation. Given my experience and those of most of the people I know, the CS team addresses problems quickly and efficiently. I know someone who had an entire character restored in a day, after he consciously deleted it to use the name on a new alt. I've been in regular contact with multiple representatives regarding my inability to take screenshots. I've personally witnessed them force name changes on over two dozen characters that violated the naming policy, primarily for Leet and/or proper names of characters established in the Star Wars Universe. They take action when appropriate.
  2. Not true. They made it very clear they would not enforce special naming policies on the RP servers. They also made it clear the general policy would be enforced throughout the game.
  3. The exact time may not be set in stone, but the era is; Pod Racing was invented in the Rise of the Empire era.
  4. Pod Racing has not been invented at this point in the setting's timeline, so we'll never see it in the game. Swoop racing, if done right, will be a great addition. As noted, it is already something the developers plan on implementing. I'm hoping they draw heavily from the more innovative racing games in the past twenty years and really flesh the system out: Fully supported with tracks on multiple worlds, some only seen for the purpose of races, a fully-realized spectator mode, and both crafted and customizable swoop models. As BioWare said at Comic-Con, they love minigames.
  5. The current method is both fine and affordable. I can make enough to purchase an unlock in a single evening by crafting and selling goods on the GTN. I've done it twice now, for both the Zabrak and Rattataki. Additionally, I rerolled to my current server and had to earn the Twi'lek unlock in order to create my current main character. I had twice the required credits by the time I got a character to level 45. I had to wait to purchase the unlock until I attained the needed Legacy level. I had so much extra money, I purchased the Human species unlock at that time as well. In short, 1.5 million credits is nothing. Put in a minimum of effort and you'll have it in no time.
  6. I don't know what to tell you "Champ," that does not reflect my experience. I do the same thing, and action is taken. I still attest that the names that you report must not actually be in violation of the naming policy. We can't know for sure, though without knowing the names themselves, and that would of course be a violation of posting policy on these boards.
  7. Generally if you have true inflation of a currency, there's a good chance you might be looking at a real economic system. I considered playing Eve for a while; the economics involved really do appeal, but the travel times quashed any desire to play the game at that point, and since then nothing has really inspired me to look at the title again. That's one of the reasons I cannot wait for Pathfinder Online: a Sandbox MMORPG with a real economy and no massive galaxy you have to traverse. Still, thanks for the conversation; it's hard to interpret economic theory for someone lacking the background, but I hope you got something out of our dialog.
  8. Just because EVE boasts areas of its economy that are simulated does not mean its economic system, as a whole, is simulated. As I stated, I have not played the game but based on what I've been told, and on what I've read since you posted this reply, it comes really close to a true economic system. The value of EVE's Interstellar Kredit is based on the wealth that exists within the game's economy, wealth generated and represented almost entirely by tradeable goods, both gathered and player-created. This is the key of a true economic system: the currency must be representative of goods and sometimes services present within the system. The value of the currency must be representative of wealth. As you noted this is not always the case in EVE, but the majority of the game's economic transactions function on this premise. In fact, one of the reasons the game employs an economist is to keep tabs on the effect generated currency has on the economy. In order to ensure it does not sway the game's economy to a simulated system, they seek to equalize the quantity of generated currency units with that of generated goods and items.
  9. They didn't understand at the time that story alone is not a viable avenue for continued development in an MMORPG. They're still learning.
  10. Indeed, you probably will not be able to consolidate characters in the way you describe until paid transfers are made available. Consolidation of characters to a single server location has never been the intent of the free transfer process.
  11. This is not possible given the way items are defined in an MMORPG. They are limited to a predefined model and skin in order to decrease the strain on the system as a whole.
  12. It seems you don't understanding how a real economic system works, and as a result how it can be applied to a virtual environment. If you have to have money in the first place for resources to have value, how do real-world economic systems develop? When they form, there is no currency upon which to base them. The wealth in those systems has to come from somewhere, something that already exists. Resources that are available in limited quantities always have value. In a real economic system currency is nothing more than a way to represent that value, to make it tangible, manageable, and, most importantly, portable. There is a direct link between the currency and the resources that back it, and as a result the currency itself has real value. I've never played the game but from what I've been told, and what you confirm here, EVE supports some elements of a real economic system. Not entirely, granted, but the elements are there.
  13. It is actually being enforced. I've known several individuals in particular that have suffered name changes, and the majority of those I've reported are never seen again. My guess is that you're reporting names that actually don't violate the naming policy.
  14. There already is one, for the game in general, and it is enforced on the RP servers. When you see an offending name be sure to report it and it will be taken care of.
  15. It is how a simulated economy stabilizes, though.
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