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Whatever happened to getting invites based off when you redeemed your code?


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I have a code from Gamestop. It worked the first time.


I preordered and redeemed on the 24th of July.


Yet I'm reading about people who have gotten invites here and on other fansites who are claiming to have preorderd as late as October and December getting invites already?


So either they are all trollls starting crap...or as I keep reading...the whole you will get invites based on when you redeemed is full of crap.


I was pretty sure that the 24th of July was early enough to get an invite...and yes it says on my account page that the 24th of July is when the code was redeemed.


Just waiting on the email. I'm glad I didn't take any vacation days to play this game. I'd have been really pissed then.

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