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Here's a suggestion....


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Stop calling for nerfs and sniff sniffling every time you get pwned in PvP. Instead, maybe call for a buff to your class. How does that strike you? Good idea, maybe?


Here's my reasoning. BioWare has fallen into the age old "Nerf Trap", as I like to call it. They nerf classes down, and in other games, I've seen them nerfed to the point of unplayability. It's like someone giving him or herself a haircut. They try and try to even things out and end up bald. Or in this case, they end up with a class nobody wants to play anymore. I've seen it in quite a few other MMOs. City of Heroes is one of the exceptions. They pulled themselves out of the Nerf trap. They once nerfed Regen to the point of unplayability, but have since rebuffed it to an acceptable level.


That said, the PvE crowd shouldn't have to pay the price for the PvP crowd's QQing. If BioWare comes up with a way to separate PvP and PvE stats, that would be ideal. They can't seem to rebalance some Elites after a nerf, however. Some Bosses are still Beta pre-nerf level, and it's already a problem without calling for more class nerfs.


Just my 2 credits. :D

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