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Remove Jedi Class Ability Weapon Type Restrictions


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Alright, I'll try to get straight to the point, this is my first starter thread, and yes, i searched for a similar topic prior to posting this, and came up empty-handed.


I would suggest that they change the limitations on what weapon a force using class can perform specific abilities with.


For example, all Jedi/Sith classes being allowed to use double-bladed lightsabers and single lightsabers.


The primary reason for this is character style play.

I can easily see this implimented on say the Assassin/Shadow class, since the two types of lightsabers are comprised of one crystal, one hilt, one enhancement, and one mod.

Thus statistically, it doesn't change the damage/modding of such weapons.

And that rules true for Guardians/Juggernauts as they still get a sinle weapon and a generator.


With the Marauder/Sentinel I understand it would be more difficult. But I think making those classes more of an agility DPS, with single, double, or twin lightsaber styles would enhance the versitility of the classes and enable far more customization for the player, which is half the fun.


On a side note, with the new Legacy unarmed strike unlocks, it even become reasonible, with the weapon restriction removal, to have a Jedi Martial Artist, who can use those specialized attacks without a lightsaber.


So the box of worms is opened.

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No. Not worth the time, effort, or money it would take to do something like that, and that would just make everyone else mad. Powertechs would cry "I want a rifle." which they in fact do all the time. Anyone who had anything against any weapon would want what they want.


Not worth the headache it would cause. Better uses of programmers time and skills, and everything they add to the game costs them labor and resources. It'd be a drain on their cash flow to do something minor for only a part of the player base.

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It will probably happen eventually. It's a good idea, and the lack of variation is not really justified. BH should be able to use a rifle, Guardian a saberstaff, etc. I agree that it's not a priority right now. But it should be done in the future.
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