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  1. While it is truly understandable to want SWTOR to be an MMORPG with a greater scope, the truth is that it will never happen. I say that with the greatest respect for the dreamers who would love to have things like open worlds and flexible factions, etc. They made a decision at some point that this game would have an ending, and anything tacked on after that is basically feature creep, with all the attendant cost and complication. Some people point this truth out simply because they want you to shut up and not question the Wizard behind his curtain. I say it out of respect for your creativity. Creativity and vision that the original team either lacked, or felt was unimportant. New movies are coming that will demand an MMO that is more at pace with current releases in the market. Be patient and put your hopes and dreams in something that can be expansive.
  2. This is the MMO surface end-user mantra. You are controlling a character in a seriously story-driven MMORPG. hilarious hypocrisy. Keep pretending you're cool bro.
  3. This is a misfire of Rock, Paper, Scissors. He chose Sith because he wanted to play that he is in charge and you are messing that up. My advice would be to find some RPers who don't all have to be the main character. A play or Movie with everyone trying to be the lead role would be terrible, and guess what, player role-play that does that sucks too. It's that awkward moment when the irresistible force meets an immovable object, and realize they can't actually affect each other: a pregnant pause and then someone pretends to lose, or lead actor #3 comes in for a deus ex machina.
  4. You don't need to play this game to do gear grind endgame raiding, just go play WoW or any of it's other clones.
  5. for races like the Voss and some of the others I think they should just put in a customization tab for player characters like for the companions. Voss Customization 1, Togruta Customization 3, etc. That way it's just a vanity thing that doesn't actually alter the race of the character as far as the database and all that are concerned.
  6. Swimming: would probably choke the engine Fishing: while it would be fun, there is no way for the fish to swim because of the engine. Cooking: Would be a great way to make existing creatures and plants useful for something other than combat. The Flat-Earth Combat only crowd could never let this stand however. This is a THEMEPARK, they will remind, which is defined as a game where you only do one thing in one way as at release and you must never wish for more. The FP and Ops brown shirts are ready with truncheons for anyone who dares speak out against monotonous Combat scenarios.
  7. X server queues for PvP are something I support. It takes way too long for WZ's and Starfighter to pop. When it comes to PvP I don't want to fight the same people over and over again.
  8. No need to raise level cap, just put in activities that have some other form of advancement. Make each successful instance of a hard mode add a point of endurance until +10 is reached. Put in a gigantic grind to acquire a new weapon type (pistol for trooper, rifle for BH, double-bladed lightsaber for sent, etc.). Allow people to betray to the other faction by becoming super evil. There are a lot of ways to keep people busy at 55.
  9. They'll never put player housing in this game .... oh wait
  10. You're right about this, but it takes money to make money honestly. The first game to break this false dichotomy will be a money machine
  11. Yeah I agree. Somewhere there must be a tablet where a lightning strike etched out words forbidding any theme park game to incorporate sandbox elements.
  12. congratulations on your lame internet cliché. I like how the castles get called ephemeral when your story exists only for you and has no effect on the world.
  13. WoW was at it's apogee at that point, and the expectations of players have changed in the years since that period of time that you referenced. For that time and in that situation WoW could release content at that pace because the basic architecture of the game kept players satisfied between content releases. SWTOR needs more diverse activities as well as more of the activities that are the core strength of the game. When they reach that threshold there will be reduced demand for moar stuff.
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