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PvP=Totally Broken


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I've been with you guys since beta. Loved the game. I grinded to War Hero before patch. I got my full BM gear. Then you nerf all rewards and make it to where people have to spam one dps ability and win. Took allllllll the skill out. I guess I should be happy cause Im harder than hell to kill...so long as I heal no one but myself. But crap guys, really, what drugs are you on? The gear looks like the retarded children of gobots and power rangers. Who looked at that art and thought, "This looks awesome!!"??? Are you guys even paying attention to your fanbase? All I see in General, in Guild, on forums is upset players. And you know I'm right!


How can I make this statement? Because you guys are bribing me now! With a pet and free game time. I dont care how many pets or free game time you give me. If the game turns to crap, Im gonna leave. And I have been a Bioware fanboi since the freaking 90's!! And guess what? It's crap! What happened? Did you layoff all your good people? Or did you all think launch was such a wonderful success that you all decided to go spend your bonus checks on crack, get blitzed, and then come back and code a crap load of poopy? This is terribad.


My suggestion. Bring back the old system. Take away all the useless WZ medal bonus stuff. Why have so many freaking medals if only 8 count anyway? Doesn't that seem excessively retarded?


Bring back the skill. Spammable, one button dps abilities are a no go. I thought a tracer missle BH was bad but sheesh! This is some serious BS.


Art Department. GET OFF THE PIPE! Your gear does not even have a star wars feel. The Operative gear is laughable. All of it is! I've seen so much concept art not in game I wonder who okay'd this look of gear. It is not Star Wars. The best analogy is that He-Man, the Go-bots, the power rangers and Car VOLTRON had a freaky night of sex and this is what came out. I hate to be blunt...but this is complete and utter disaster.


~Narcissa; Dark Reaper

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My gripe is with the zero rewards setup. It seems to me that the solution for AFK players is an overkill and an over reaction. I play alot of pvp and I have only seen one problem afk'er in all this time. To impliment such a harsh solution for such a minor problem is a bigger problem. I'm an average player and in the old system, my progress was slow but steady. Now with my new 50, I am seeing three, four games witout getting a single commendation. How does a new player compete when he or she is way to weak to be effective and there is no minimum gain for such a player to progress. Nice draconian system you got here where the weak must stay weak and forever be weak and never ascend. How long do you think people will put up with this before giving up hope with pvp.


Reminds me of EVE where you got a bunch of uber players that have been playing for years and a bunch of newbies who who give it a try and quit because they get tired of being pounded on with no hope of getting better. Only that Eve's problem evolved over years where there is enough uber players out there to sustain the game. You create this us and them division this early in a game and you will surely not survive. EQ2 had the same problem. I spent months trying to get the cool stuff before realizing that progress was so slow I will never get there, so I switched to WoW.


I played a few more times since I began this thread and this new pvp system makes me sick. The good players get all the points and gets to buy the good gear and become even more impossible to beat, while the rest of us gets zero, which allows us to buy zero. We get stuck with recruit armor and the divide between the have and have nots become so impossible to bridge. I watched this problem destroy pvp in other games. Just cant stomach it anymore.

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