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What spec to level as now in 1.2?


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Hey guys.


Since 1.2 launched I have been monitoring which Melee class to level up (Yay for sprint at lvl 1 :p). I dont want to join the Sentinel FOTM train but keep seeing the odd 'good' guard / jugg in pvp and wanting to be just like them.


My point is that pre 1.2 the forums seem to suggest that Guardian was a pain in the bum to lvl at low levels so has this changed in 1.2? has the 'go tank spec to level' changed at all?


any ideas of what I should go as? Possibly a lvl 50 build to work towards with a few tips on what is 'important' for me to go for first.


I love leveling but when i start a new class i want to know everything and also have the gear / stims etc all ready so I can just chill down and have at it :)


Thank you very much in advanced guys



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Well, I've only been to lvl 20, but I can say as long as I kept decent gear I haven't had any issues with leveling. I can take down elites and champions (H2s) with a try or two. I hear it gets tougher around lvl 30 though so I can't really say much more
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