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Dev comments about grav round are laughable


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For clarity, the purpose of the change was to address the issue that Grav Round, on its own, was responsible for too much of your overall DPS. In other words, using totally made up numbers, if all you did was mindlessly spam Grav Round, you could still achieve something like 85% (again, totally made up) of your total damage dealing potential


Whats laughable, and yet sad at the same time is that we're being told we basically rely to much on grav round.


And yet grav round is the ONLY ranged attack (i'm not counting hammer shot) that isn't on a cooldown!


So we have 1 attack that isn't on some kind of cooldown, grav round puts debuffs on a enemy for us to do more DPS, and grav round will occasionally resets the cooldown on our full auto attack.


And a dev notices that we use grav round a lot?!?


Well congratulations CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!


Apparently the solution to this problem is to nerf grav round? And for what? To encourage us to use other attacks that are on cooldown that we actually can't use?!?!?


You could nerf grav round to doing 5 points of damage and it would still be what commandos spam the most because its the ONLY FRAKIN thing we have that isn't on cooldown. (again i'm not counting hammer shot)


- P

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i think you need to read that quote again.



you may still disagree with it, but your commentary had nothing to do with what it said.



also, did this really need a separate thread?

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