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Novare Coast Voice Over


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Sorry if this was brought up or in the wrong thread.



I was in a really close match of Novare Coast last night and it was fun. We were tied 16% each when the Republic finally got two turrets and won. It was a really good back forth match.


This however, had one major down side. From my perspective of an Imperial, the voice over telling me to take objectives and hold them was just WAY to much. It was worse the "gold" farmer spam and that is saying something. I had to turn off voice overs just so I could finish the match. I like hearing the voice overs as it makes the fight a little bit more alive. But, when the voice over repeats with barely a pause in between lines, it's a bit to much.


I don't need her telling me to "penetrate their shields" every two seconds.


If this could get addressed, say prior to the servers coming back up, it would be spamtastic (pun intended).




PS can we do something about that shuttle sound on the fleet station too?

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