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Level 50 Testing


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IMO the reason this patch has been a disaster for PvP is as follows:


1) No 8man pre mades make keeping a lively PvP guild going very tricky.

2) The assumption the majority of your player base primary focus is story/RP. Legacy is a nice additional feature, kinda like pets. But it isn't a speeder if that makes sense.

3) Poor testing process - due to not being able to copy you level 50 character and gear. How could you possibly have been through a robust test of your PvP changes? The TTK in PvP is now ridiculous because you have not properly tested the PvP stats on gear.

4) You made too big a change to class mechanics way too early. There was no need.


My suggestions are:


1) Bring in 8man vs 8man pre mades ASAP. We don't mind waiting in a Q or waiting for ranked WZs. We just want to get our PvP guild going.

2) Implement char copy into PTS so you can thoroughly test your class mechanic changes.

3) Re-address the TTK issue.

4) Do not make such great changes to class mechanics on what is a fairly minor patch, wait for expansions.

5) Remember this is an MMO and although the story/RP is great there is a "massive" gaming community here that isn't that bothered. We do care however for good solid class balance/mechanics.

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Not to criticize, but I do feel the need to point this out. It is a MMORPG, where the R stands for "roleplaying" - the core concept is a storyline. Only games like Battlefield or Counterstrike have a primary purpose of PVP (and yep, I play those games too, so don't go there).


By definition storyline is the core, and PVP is the addon, not the other way around, if you want to go that route. As it is, you do have people like me that agree they should get equal attention. But you could alienate us if you go with the "forget story, gimme pvp!" argument - just saying.


Oh --- and I wholeheartedly agree with your stance about timing of the changes. I was grumbling myself about why do we have an emergency shutdown for two minor changes that could have waited until next week for a more "normal" patch day. That and why wait until 6am when they are usually done at 2am? I work nights and get home at 7am --- this shot my whole freakin day! >.<

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