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New player here...


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I was reserved about buying star wars, I really felt like it was just another MMO.

I mean there are a TON of click on X and mass keys til they are dead. I found it very hard to put a lot of faith behind a project when early interviews about the game stated that they were most proud of the 8 gigs of voice acting. that isn't really something other MMO's have done, so I guess it is innovative...


In my personal opinion, designers should be most proud of their class design and innovative battle systems... Sadly that isn't really in star wars. Instead of rewarding players for being able to react and heal / CC /DPS the developers have made it actually detrimental to play instinctively, and rewarding to continually do the same "rotations" if you move outside of those boxes you find yourself out of resources and quickly become dead weight.


I am getting off topic tho, and I wanted to mostly say this.


The game is mostly fun. Ive only been playing a little more then a week, and already my class has undergone massive changes (Commando) and the servers have been brought down quite a few times. I am moving quickly through the story, and should be 50 in another week. Then I guess I'll see how some of the end game content is with my friends.


I'm not sure if I'll stay or not after Diablo 3 comes out... I guess time will tell, right I like the game, so hopefully it keeps me entertained a while longer :)

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