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  1. it was not so much the FTP player but me a subber(not useing any CC) vs another subber(that do use CC) will he get any kind adv ingame over me ?
  2. Swtor as a mmorpg is dead, but as a storydriven multiplayer game this F2P model might work. But then again with EA over it, they will find a way to **** it up
  3. so as an aktive subscriber, will people that buy stuff with CC get any kind of adv in the game compared to me ?
  4. WRONG There is is no impart on game whatsoever at all, i have played the game since dec 2011, and got 4 chars now and never saw any movies i just spacebar as fast as i can, my picks dosent matter at all, when i get to 50 evrything is the same no matter you picked when you lvled up, my guardian is lvled as a good guy he let the red dude you get as companion, live when you fight him on tatt, and then got him later on as companion, now with my sent that is going all evil i just killed him and then i still get him alltho he is dead. smuggler: "the great highst" you steal from hyper secret imp ships with tons of loots, there is a bonus mission even to steal even stuff, and then whe nyou done, you split it with companion and gets around 2k credits, when it should have been billions credits, its a joke. when you are done with you're story line as smuggler you get to be leader of the underworld or something like that, but i still run around doing my own buiness when i should have millions of servants to do it for me ?
  5. juleanden

    pvp lag

    and we are still waiting for a BW statement on the matter.
  6. juleanden

    pvp lag

    funny since when i sit on our TS server with peeps all over euro, we get these spikes at the same time, not likely a client side issue then.
  7. juleanden

    pvp lag

    when will it be fixed, these spikes has just been around for so long now.
  8. i love the smuggler story, but there is a mission called "the big highst" or something like that, that kills the smuggler story from there on, i stopped playing my smuggler after i did the mission, i was so disapointed
  9. as long as george lucas lives yoda will never be evolved or used to anything, he has clearly stated this, EA has no say in this.
  10. My issues with F2P model is: 1: Customer 1 goes and buys access to an operation, but finds out hardmode is too hard for him, so he goes on whineing that the operation is too hard, he bought access to it he should be able to clear it, EA will cave in to this demand and overnerf all pve content. 2: When you look at many other F2P games, the community is so extremly unpleassant, i really fear what F2P will do the community.
  11. And all my post is about, is that you're obeservations is wrong.
  12. yes and it should be linked to account/legacy whatever.
  13. I can compare a banana to a car if i want, they might not have anything common but i can compare them, like you can compare swtor to other games or buinesses. Allso from a logical point of view, compareing 2 identically things is pointless since they are identically, so you should compare things that are diffrent, therefore compareing swtor to other games or buinesses makes sence.
  14. It was EA themself that stated they was going to give us a wow killer, gamebreaking world pvp, mmorpg for both hardcore, casual, and singleplayer gamers, they stated they knew it all, and they could easy make swtor cater to everybody. We only ask for what they said they would give us.
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