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I've always played healers. I'm not quite sure why I chose to roll a Sith Warrior. I could have chosen one of any number of healing classes but I didn't.


I cruised along playing the Marauder, but towards the end of my leveling I started having some real problems with a couple of the class quests. I died repeatedly to one in particular and started to get frustrated. So, I took a good hard look at where I was and what I was doing with the class.


First off, since I play really casually and I only do PVE I had gotten kind of sloppy. I took a look at the trees again and redid my spec. I decided on the Annihilation tree and I spent a few hours really learning what the abilities did. I also took a hard look at my gear and spent some time and effort to upgrade it. After I did that, the difference was night and day. I was able to easily kill my quest objectives.


I'm amazed at how much I really like playing a DPS class. I understand why they are so popular! :)


Now I know that with the changes the Marauder is going to be the FTM class, and some of what I learned won't really apply as much any more except the fact that many of the problems I experienced were my own making.


So my takeaway from this was:


1) learn your class - maybe your problem isn't the class, but you. Many abilities are very specific for certain situations (hint - interrupt will save you!)


2) keep your equipment up to level - if the mobs tear through you like paper, it's your own fault if you have underlevel gear

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