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Small changes that would rise SWTOR above competition!


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SWTOR is doing good since launch. The first couple of days were a blast for BW that show more than 2million copies sold. In the past 3 months, bugs have been corrected, issues have been addressed and the game is polished enough with some exceptions of course.


Some would say that SWTOR is doing fine and everything is great but... even I really enjoy the game, there are some things that should be changed. Guild Wars 2 are coming this year, in a month more or less people would play Diablo 3 and last but not least, Mist of Pandaria is somewhere in the horizon. 1.2 is good, would make the game better overall, but would definitely won't save SWTOR against competitors. There are things that should be done, I'm sure Bioware has some ace hidden in their sleeves but if they don't use them in time, SWTOR will fail. I'm not saying that it won't be good anymore, I'm saying that EA, Lucas Arts and Bioware wanted to make the best and most successful MMO and with 2million subscribers you can't say that they'll reached their goal. If they don't kill the competition soon enough, they won't make it. Now, here some ideas that would make SWTOR better in my opinion:


1) Competitive, balanced high level PvP. Don't be afraid to make the game a e-sport. Ranked warzones must be something that would make people want to play the game. A competitive PvP player base would generally help improve the status of the game and would attract more subscribers.


2) Links to stream in http://www.swtor.com . Pay people to stream to educate others. People that play for lots and lots of hours everyday, people that are good with their class would help and educate worse players. See what Swifty, Hydra for example are doing to WoW. That's free advertisement!


3) Custom PvP and Tournaments once in a while with big prizes. Promote tournament streaming and make events where the best players will compete with each other.


4) More customisation in the UI. Macros are a must, better ops portraits to help healers, Power Auras and finally ADD ONS! You should restrict add-ons from the official site as to control and permit which ones should be used, something like the Apple Store (but free). By giving tools to the players, you can make harder and more challenging PvE content.


5) A LFG tool There's tons and tons of content, many Flashpoints and I see very few people doing any. Seriously, I am not bothered in creating a group from the general channel but LFG is necessary. I don't care if it would be cross-server or not, it would help people jump in a group and spent their time playing the game, instead of searching for a group. Let people vote for MVP or something after last boss and give prizes for good tanks, good healers and good damage dealers. It could be something like credits, commendations, crafting materials or a shorter queue time for the next Flashpoint.


6) Instead of dailies solo quests, create big *** hard quest that need 2 players to complete. Create something like a smaller scale of a Flashpoint that would take several time for players to complete. It could be done to a new planet, in a group-phase area with mobs to kill, puzzles to solve and some bosses that would require some team play to kill. You don't have to create many of those, just a single one that would have a different enemies, puzzles and bosses each day. That way, people won't get bored and would have something to spent their time.


Those are my suggestions, I really want to hear you opinions and thoughts

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I rly want this game to rise above stars, and agree that somethings should change to achiev that. But u missed 1 thing: they should merge some servers, because there r a lot of ghost servers.....i myself needed to abandon my 47 [ almost 48 XD ] guardian on Kinrath Spider to go to The Fatman, along with 3 friends that did the same. Now im enjoyeing the game, get grps fast for heroic quests and fps.
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