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Not 'Quite' a Barbershop Request


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More of an addendum to those of us who would want one.


1. A sci-fi setting would be a nice place to do it "Logan's Run" style...so, not just the hair.


2. It would be nice to be able to copy a template from one of our existing characters. As part of this, you'd want to copy one of your existing characters and see what all the 'slider' values are set to, then make adjustments and then apply.


This second one is most important to me because I've been having a 'really' difficult time figuring out what skin tone setting I used for my very first character. I can't seem to match it, for some reason. I 'thought' it was 18, but it might be 14? 16? It's not darker than that, I'm pretty sure, as I was writing down most of my choices originally, and I never wrote that down, which makes me think it was 14, but it doesn't look right. Starting to think they 'changed' some of the tones after release, which is why I can't duplicate it, but I digress.


At any rate, those are two addendum to the barbershop requests.

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