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Warzones starting 8 vs 6


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Is it just me or is this the worste part about current warzones? What I dont understand is...Why dont they just delay the start of the warzone until it fills up?


Huttball you can easily get away with being short handed. Voidstar and especially Civil War are a complete different story. When there's 3 points to capture and your team has 6 members and the other team has 8 you literally have no chance of covering all 3 objectives. If you start voidstar on defense when you have 6 and the enemy has 8, it's literally an 8 vs 5 on 1 of the doors which is a HUGE disadvantage and almost guarentee's they get the first door down in no time.


Like I already suggested, Bioware needs to make it so warzones do not start until both sides are full. I mean...Usually the moment the first door goes down in voidstar is when the warzone fills up and its too late. Why not just delay the start for another minute?

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