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High stakes challenges/betting


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You know the side of star wars where people take a chance, gamble, hang around cantinas and generally give off that wild west vibe?


Well, we are kinda missing this in this game in my opinion. You have the stories and whatnot, but there is no real sense of doing the sort of thing that star wars is kind of known for. That being gambling and doing things as part of a bet.


Remember how Han got the millenium falcon, through winning a bet with Lando? How Qui Gon released Anakin by a pod race bet. It would be nice to have this sort of thing in game.


What I am thinking is a system in game where you can do challenges, whether it be PvP or PvE and you put a wager down to say that you are going to do it with either an NPC or possibly another player. This can be either pure credits, or even better an item of yours.


How I can see it working is like this.


There is an NPC in the cantina, near the daily quest givers, or in fleet near the flashpoints, something like that. You pick up the quests as normal, and you then have the option to go to the guy.


When you speak to the guy, he gives you three challenges, of different difficulty with escalated bets based on one of the daily quests. Let's say the quest is to kill 8 reps, the 3 options can be something like "Kill 8 reps within 45 seconds" "Kill 8 reps within 30 seconds" or "kill all 8 reps within 20 seconds"


The guy, in the options, tells you what he wants you to wager for this bet. So the "easy" bet can be just credits, the "medium" bet can be something like consumables or mats that you have for crafting and "high stakes" bet can be your speeder, or your lightsaber, or something else iconic to your class like your blaster or something.


If you lose the wager then you lose the credits, or the consumables, or quite possibly your lightsaber/speeder/whatever you had bet.


If you win, then you get double the amount bet with credits, or mats or an upgrade to your gear that they put a bet on, like upgraded mods, or a better version of a speeder, or even a unique item that the guy can give to you.


This could also go with PvP objectives, and well, pretty much anything really.


Then you have player wagers. Easy enough to do nowadays with money and stuff, but why not be able to wager some BoP/legacy items, or even legacy rewards on certain things with other players for things like PvP and dailies?


Lets say that you are in a group, you go to the NPC in the cantina who offers you a bet. That one of you can actually do a quest quicker than the other. Maybe a race or something. You can both then choose what you want from the other guy. Whether it is a species unlock, an item or just merely creds. Then you have the race, and whoever wins gets the item they requested.


Granted, there would be huge scope for people to abuse this system, or complain a lot because of griefing/lag/being stuck somewhere, but checks and balances can be put in place, like a debuff which means you can only bet with the same person once every day or something, or only taking away your items for a limited time. Maybe even just nerfing your item for a set period, destroying it for an hour or something. There is plenty of scope there to change things around.

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Granted, there would be huge scope for people to abuse this system, or complain a lot because of griefing/lag/being stuck somewhere ...
This is all the reason needed to say no. Additionally, though, formalized gambling in an MMORPG is never a good idea. It opens up the game and the developers to a huge amount of headache that never ends. This would mean devoting substantial funds and resources to manage the system, both within the game and out, that could be better expended elsewhere. Edited by HeavensAgent
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