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Enough, It's like these are the first boards you've ever posted on. When a underskilled person comes in to complain about a class that just wiped the floor with them, they don't wonna admit it's Because they are horrible. It's HUMAN NATURE.


Answering these EVERY CLASS OTHER THEN MINE are OP threads is just feeding into what they want. Because they are 20 Noobs/nubs to every good player and 20 good players to every Pro.


This isn't a fight you can win....SO STOP PLAYING!


Stop writing in thier threads and they go away.


Simple. Act like you've been there before, The lion doesn't argue with the gazelle




Do your talking in the game, there are enough real issues in this game that you don't have to spend your time yelling at the new people/trolls/baddies...


It's a game enjoy it!

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The sad part is from what i have seen is that over 70% of the people who play pvp in this game are horrible at it. PVP is all i do and the same for many of my friends. We have done so in many games not just this one.


It has nothing to do with gear. I have seen people in great gear play just plain horrible and could not pvp their way out of a wet paper bag. So i have the feeling that once rated WZs start it is going to be a nightmare on these forums. Nerf this nerf that and so on.

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