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Annihilation Spec made useless via purge


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The Annihilation tree is the DoT spec tree for Marauders and this is a great tree, both for PvE and for PvP, the DoT's put out fast damage and can tear down targets quickly once you have all three stacks plus the rupture ability. This is not a complaint on the way the tree or class works.


The issue I have is that the DoT's are considered INTERNAL damage and are not supposed to able to be cleared; however this is not the case. I have written tickets and got a response that says they are considering it nothing more than a negative affect and are allowed to be cleansed and cleared by abilities such as purge. This statement is ridiculous for two reasons, FIRST it has to be spec'ed into purge to make it clear 'PHYSICAL' and THEN it can be cleared. Second, by doing this your stating the the ability is a 'PHYSICAL' ability not 'INTERNAL' and by doing so the classes that can choose to be a healer such as Bounty Hunter Mercenary, Agent Operative, Trooper Commando, and Smuggler Scoundrel can ALL clear this ability WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEC FOR THE INCREASED ABILITY. This is the BASIC of all of these classed is to clear 'PHYSICAL' affects.


With this being said the Annihilation tree is now bound to ONLY be useful on targets that CANNOT clear this ability since it is now a 'PHYSICAL' ability and can be cleared by more than half the players in the game. This makes the tree USELESS against those who CAN purge clear cleanse this ability since the cost of doing so is SOOOO miniscule that you can clear the entire portion of damage in the Annihilation tree and are left 'holding the bag' if you will since your damage is almost completely nullified and all you have left are the abilities that you would have if you DIDN'T spec at all, with the exception of ANNIHILATE which does great damage once every 12 secs, then 9 secs then 8.5 secs BUT the problem here is then that it cost too much to use and you will not be able to use it since your DoT's are supposed to give you Rage back so you CAN use these abilities but since they are being Cleared you are no longer building the Rage. Talk about a completely gimped tree.


I know that if you were to look at the warzone's you would not truly see a very good reflection of this since MOST players do not use this information and do NOT clear the DoT's however this is NOT my concern, let them live in irritation for not reading properly I don't care about that. IF THEY DID you would see that NO ONE would be using the ANNIHILATION tree since it would be made null and void completely cleared and countered by almost half the playable classes in the game. 3/8 on each side can clear and cleanse these abilities and 2 out of those 3 don't have to spec for anything to be able to do so since they are already GIVEN the ability to clear 'PHYSICAL'

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