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Juggernauts needs a tanking Buff


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am i the only one that can tank ok with a Bounty hunter and the Inquisitor

and finds that the Sith warriors juggernauts cant hold agro on annything,

well only bosses but keeping agro on a mob is nearly impossible,

the Assassins gets good aoe that causes good threat, and the Powertech gets Flame throwers and Missiles and Death from Above, where as the Sith warriors only have smash that doesnt even cause more threat and it has a 10-13 sec cool down,


if thay want people to play the Juggernauts for tanks in pve witch i would love to do,

they should make some changes, here are my Tips,

Give the juggs a spec that increses the threat of smash,

and gives your Light saber throw the ability to Damage more enemies, Forinstace Reduce its dmg but make it damage upp to 5 targets inside a Arc.

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