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Help me pick a name!


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I've made about 4 low level Sith Warriors. I keep on deleting or restarting for a really stupid reason, I don't like their names. The names I like are pretty heavily RP related. I'm not even that much of an RPer but for some reason, having a realistic sith lord name is really crucial to me.

I have a few names and I would love it if you guys could respond with some new names or tell me which one you like most:

Darth Verus (I like this alot but it sounds too much like Baras, who will be my master which could be awkward)

Darth Veric

Darth Ceratus

Darth Rathus

Darth Zaeon

Darth Ziyad

Darth Cosus


Any feedback is awesome! :D

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In the films, most of the "Darths" second names are a shortend word with an aggressive/evil word. Darth (in)Vader, Darth (in)Sidious, Darth Tyrannus, Darth Maul.


So you could try looking up a lot of "aggressive/evil" words, drop the first or last syllable and see what you get.


Maybe Darth Corsa (Corsair) or Plunder, Pillage, Turbul (Turbulent), Calamitous.


http://thesaurus.com/ is your friend :)


Good luck, and let us know what you decide to go with.



And failing all that you could be Darth Snugglebear or Darth Fluffybunny. Unless you are on Shii-Cho because those names are already taken. (and no, not by me)

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I chose Defiad for my SW. I made it up but it sounds cool. I got it from the root word defiance, my Sith won't put up with anyone. As for my SI I chose Victis; which roughly translates to Victory or After the defeated; implying that he will win no matter what.


Edit: On a more helpful note; have you tried Destructus?

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