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The comically future and end


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Last minute change to agents prior to 1.2 patch release


Agent’s have been given their own special weapon class :

-Nerf Blasters

-Nerf Pistols


Foam Darts – 2% chance for target to actually notice attack and granting debuff “Mockery”

Mockery – New debuff causes player to point, laugh, and roll on the ground laughing till it hurts lasts 4 secs


Agent’s have mastered a new martial art form by the master of torture DARTH BIGBIRD

-Vibroblades have been replaced by hilts with interchangeable sized feathers



Stealth has been rebalanced – Now causes the agent to become intoxicated and strip in the belief that no one can see him/her now


Cloaking Screen now works as intended – When used the agent will play peekaboo with him/herself giving the delusion that they have vanished since if they can no longer see anyone.


Flashbang – the charge has now been replaced with laughing gas causing all affected players to giggle uncontrollably


All of the agent’s kolto supplies and poisons have been replaced with nickelodeon slime


Hold Position – when taking cover the screen generator has been replaced with rotating strobe lights.


Entrench – Now cause a disco ball to hover above the agent


Disclaimer: Im still gonna play my agent idc what happens just messing around. I have been bored and sent my friend this she got a few giggles and told me to post so I did.

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