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Hi, Your crafting system is awful


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I know they are "working on it" but seriously.......


-No choice on your random discovered schematic - really? FU customization


-RE Proc chance blows big fat hairy nuts - no problem me leveling 8 levels while my guys are working non-stop without a single proc.


-GTN vs RE - Sell these mats for 10k or make them into 500 credits? Why do I choose the latter over and over and over?


Your system sucks.

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Hey folks,


We do thank people for taking the time out to post about issues and concerns about the game. We do read it, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.


That being said, feedback about specific issues should whenever possible be placed into the proper subforum. For example, there are existing threads in the Suggestion Box forum where discussions about some of these concerns are being had:



Also, while we do appreciate and read feedback, we do ask that said feedback is constructive and respectful. If you need some guidelines for doing so, we do have a post here via our Dev Tracker that explains it:



We'll be closing this thread, but do encourage folks to post constructive feedback about the game in future threads. Thanks for your understanding!

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