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Will Kill for Medpacs: Valor Capped to Player Level


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I really feel like my gunslinger should hold up a cardboard sign at fleet: "Will Kill for Medpacs."


There are 5 basic rewards for PvP: valor, warzone and mercenary commendations, experience, credits, and fun. As you all know, the experience and credits rewards are set to be 'just enough.'


Right now, since Valor levels are tied to PvP levels and I capped out, so I'm not getting valor rewards in PvP. Also, since I already bought my champ bag and have the max 1,000 of each kind of commendation, my commendations are going down the drain, too.


So I'm left with a smidgen of experience, barely enough creds to pay the bills, and fun. Oh, and I can buy medpacs. Yeehah.


Sounds like the classic smuggler scenario, right?


But seriously, though this situation isn't a game breaker, it is disappointing.


Here comes the suggestion part! I think any or all of these would go a long way to rewarding avid PvP'ers as they level.


1) Let valor level advance independent of player level.

2) Put in more goodies to buy: right now, my only options are gear at level 20 and 40. That's a big gap, folks. More armor at 30 and 45 would help.

3) Blue and Purple Reward Boxes: hey, if all I can do is gamble for gear, at least its something. How about some level appropriate blue and purple boxes instead of just the green ones?

4) Either give planet commendations (Alderaan, Tatooine, whatever) from the daily PvP quests or put in better specialty mod vendors for PvP'ers.


None of those things seem hard to do, but I'm not a programmer. What do ya'll think?

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I agree with you, your suggestions make well understandability.





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Very good points. I don't necessarily think it is a bad idea to have champ bags able to be saved up. The fact that BM bags were made to be unique isn't a bad thing, but champ bags should be able to be purchased from the vendor and be stacked. I don't think that there is anything wrong with being able to save up bags, since it takes a lot of tokens to buy gear. Edited by GalnarDegana
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Yeah, I thought about making stackable Champ bags one of my solutions.


But I understand that the rewards from Champ Bags may not be all that valuable after 1.2, anyway.


Also, there's some rumbling about not letting people prepare for level 50 gear before they hit 50. That seems dumb to me, but I'm not exactly a PvP expert---I don't even have a 50.


Still, if Champ Bags remain a viable option after 1.2, I think stackable Champ Bags would be great. I would love to be somewhat competitive right when I hit 50, instead of being cannon fodder.

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