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Republic Endurance Autocannons (*** Over)


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Rolled my first Rep the other day, a trooper::commando, and am currently saving the galaxy with my companion, Aric Jorgan, also a commando (not that companions have true classes, but like my PC, has Aim primary and uses autocannon).


On one night of missions, I picked up 1-2 pieces of Aim gear plus one Aim autocannon. I also got a complete set of smuggler's gear, two Cunning autocannons, and a sniper rifle. And another Cunning autocannon the next day.


AFAIK, none of this is usable by any REP PC, but I thought I'd check possible companion usage (none of mine).


Risha: Smuggler Companion Cunning Sniper Rifle (but probably 20 levels higher than the weapons I found).


Sergeant Fideltin Rusk (Jedi Knight) -- can use autocannon, but needs Aim, not Cunning


Zenith (Jedi Consular): Cunning Sniper Rifle


So, I've picked up more versions of my main weapon than other versions, and there isn't anybody in the game that I can see that uses what I did acquire, so no GTN, it's just vendor trash found on green/boss drops.


Anybody else having this problem?

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I didn't play in Beta, but my understanding is these kinds of items are leftovers from early builds of the game. Aric was originally a cunning based sniper, then added a whole new class of aim based sniper rifles, then still later they gave him aim heavy armor and the same aim autocannon/blaster rifle proficiencies the soldier class does. Why did they do this? I have no idea. Aric's voice actor is the same that plays Garrus in the Mass effect series, a popular recurring alien companion that has a very similiar personality to Aric and is a sniper, so maybe they felt it was too similiar? Or maybe they just felt the military class had to all use the same easily handed-down boring gear, I dunno.


Your next companion, Elora, the empirial medic also still starts off with a cunning based blaster when she like all the rest of your companions uses aim as her primary stat.


Sometime shortly around release, the initial consular companion, changed from the same str based heavy armor and melee vibrosword gear that the inquisitor's starting companion does, to trooper style aim heavy armor and rather hard to find aim based tech swords.


Things that seem pointless are leftovers from these early builds that never got cleaned up or changed, cunning autocannons, aim sniper rifles, I've looted str based heavy armor for level 1-3 that seems out of place as well. All of these are minor examples of what make this game seem rushed and unpolished or maybe just unfinished like all MMOs are near release, but are actually kind of trivial compared to some of the larger issues some people have, like the engine or UI.

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Trust me, if the same guy who voiced Aric was the guy who voiced Garrus it'd be more epic. The guy who voices Aric is Detective Lassiter on Psych-not the guy who voices Garrus.



Guy who plays Aric (Timothy Omundson)



Guy who played Garrus (Brandon Keener)


looks like different people to me

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