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Level 50 Ilum daily help.


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Ive got to level 50 but im having some trouble finding my daily quests. i have competed 4 i think but im sure there are more on ilum?


I cant defeat Admiral Shai on the quest "A New Order", so im not sure if that effects me unlocking more daily quest?



I have rode around ilum trying to find more imperial bases but cant seem to find any.


The only bases i have found are:


Imperial Waystation


Imperial Outpost




Also when there is a blue triangle above the NPC, does this mean that quest is a daily and will be unlocked when the time resets? as im not sure when i can repeat the 4 quests that i have found so far.


Also the only dailys i cant find on the fleet are all Flashpoints and Ops, there was 1 Box by the PVP section i think i done yesterday but that box now says eligible?, will this unlock again when the time resets for dailys?


Might seem silly questions to some, im just stuck at present :)

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On Ilum:


There are 4 at the main base, one of which is a Heroic 2+. You have to have done most of the Ilum planet story arc (which begins on the Fleet) to unlock them, though you unlock them pretty quickly.


There are 2 at the Waystation. Unless I am missing one, that's it on Ilum. Note that the daily called Defend the Shipment is often bugged. What I did to fix it was make sure that I was in Ilum 2, and it would work. Nowadays though, there may not be enough people in Ilum to generate a second shard, so try it if you want, but it probably won't work. This is supposed to be fixed in 1.2.


On Belsavis:


The Belsavis dailies require that you have finished the main planet story arc on Belsavis (I believe), which opens the bonus series. The bonus series starts on the Orbital Station (and ends there too, don't forget that), and doing the bonus series unlocks the dailies on Belsavis. There are 11, if I remember correctly. One of them (given by a broken-down ED209-looking droid), appears to never work. To get this one, you have to have turned in the 3 dailies at the beginning of the northern section of the daily area. I hope that made sense. I am pretty sure the actual trigger is the daily that the 2V droid gives you, but I always turn in all 3 at once, so I don't know for sure.


On the Fleet:


You have both Flashpoint/Op dailies, weeklies, and PvP dailies and weeklies from their respective terminals. None of these give daily comms, if that is what you are looking for. They give comms relative to what they represent.


Hope that answered your question.



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