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SWTOR vs. WoW - The Fans Get It


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It's not the developers who get it, the developers are the ones who create the game, we are the ones who play the game. We know the flaws of each mmo, stop saying Blizzard knows what they're doing, and stop saying BioWare knows what they're doing, there is a point where they are no longer eligible for the games success, and it is up to them to listen to what the game needs in order to compete--and not listening BioWare is a dismissive and a ignorant attitude.


Stand up everybody! What does SWTOR need? SERVER MERGES DAMN RIGHT.... we are the people who have the emotions and drive the game, without us there would be no SWTOR, without us they would have to shut down the servers and stop development on this game, without us they wouldn't make money. We are the ones who get it!


Stop saying server merges are coming soon! You are just digging yourself in a bigger hole, with 1.2 legacy, server merges and transfers will become harder!


As for Blizzard, they are overconfident and greedy, however, they listen to their fans Too much it's a downfall.


BioWare, please allow the fans to be a part of the creative design process instead of saying "We know everything"


This is your first mmo, and will be your last if you don't listen to the people who have been playing them since the late 90's

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Hello BOLTgamer!


Because several threads about this topic already exist, we'll be closing this thread in order to consolidate discussion. We encourage you to join the existing discussion of server populations/mergers in one of the following:


Server population is dropping...

Server Population is GROWING!

Free transfers in the future?

When will there be a "SERVER MERGE?"



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