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I recently began doing the PVP events such as Huttball and the other ones they have. I've accumulated a quantity of the commendations you get from these events.


So I checked the vendors at the Fleet who sell armor and items for these commendations. I saw armor that sellls for these commendations but although it says "PVP vendors" these items are not for PVP.....well, at least I don't think they are as they don't have the stats for pvp.


Also, is it better to spend the comms on this armor or save them for something else? And if yes, what?


Can someone give me a quick rundown on this?


Also, is there a site that explains the different pvp items they sell and how to get the commendations they require to get? I saw different type armors for pvp and different names for the commendations need3ed to buy them. But being new to this, I'm a bit lost as I don't know how to aquire these commendations needed.


Thank You

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Most of the 'real' PvP gear requires you to earn commendations that you would get from bags that you earn doing PvP at 50.


I think that some of the weapons have expertise in them, though.


The conventional wisdom was always to just use warzone comms to buy merc comms, and then earn more warzone comms until you had a thousand of each (the cap), and then at 50, buy battlemaster bags.

The extra comms could be spent on whatever, but you were ultimately just trying to earn the valor to get access to the battlemaster gear. Whatever you spent the excess commendations on along the way didn't matter because only the battlemaster gear itself mattered.

Sure, having centurion gear was better than not, but centurion gear isn't the goal, and those comms are as expendable as the basic warzone comms in the end.

They are a step up, but any gear that you get with them is only temporary. It's just stuff that will do for now.


Things are changing in 1.2.

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they are pvp armor in the sense that you have to pvp to be able to get them, i havn't done that much pvp only add like 10 valor or something :rolleyes: but i think higher level gear like the columni, bm and whatever else there is may have pvp stats like expertise or whatever it is
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I'm generally in favor of SWTOR, but I think this commendation business is a bit of a mess, or at least very poorly communicated. The "system" that applies above level 50 is opaque enough, but for the vast mass of people who are sub-50 there basically are no clues at all what to do with these "commendations". You look and look and finally you find 2 vendors on the Fleet that will accept warzone commendations sub-50, and maybe they even have something you need. Maybe they don't. Do you feel like wasting a fleet ticket after a couple of WZ to see if there's something new you can afford?


Will see what they do in 1.2, but I think maybe this whole commendation business should be restricted to people who truly care, like 50+.


The system with orange gear and upgrades and mods is also far from intuitive when you're sub-50.


Replace it with credits instead, and start offering more purple and orange gear with regular vendors!

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