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Idea on Early Access Waves


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Just an idea i had... but it wouldnt suprize me if the 'waves' are acctualy based on months.


Look at your callenders, the 13th is 7 days befor 'launch'. I think i remember them stateing somewere that people would get at 'least' 2 days of early access for pre-ordering, and possibly 'up-to' 5 days.


Well if you take the months that you could pre-order in, July - December, and line them up with the days..


13 - July

14 - August

15 - September

16 - October

17 - November

18 - December

19 - 2nd day of 'at least 2 days'.

20 - Launch day.


Thoughts? And no, im not trolling, just idely currious of im right or not.. would be interesting to see :o

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Greetings everyone,


We know that many of you are anxious to know when you will be receiving your invite for Early Game Access. Stephen Reid has made a statement about the waves of invites going out today and over the next week. We are asking that everyone continue this discussion in one thread:




We are closing this post now. Thank you for your cooperation!

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