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  1. So wait. You mean we get no valor when we lose now? Pretty bad design choice, I mean, how does the people just coming in or people who have been away, we/they need to caught up and at this point it is certain if you don't grind away some loses, you never will be able get gear. With this new change it seems like it will be impossible to caught up, unless you're just carried.
  2. This is insane and I feel I need to step it in. First your dog is probably having "behavior problems" because his owner doesn't pay attention to him. You should probably talk to your family and your mom about here health problem, not to people who really don't have all day to sit on the computer and listen to strangers yammer about how crappy their life is. 15 min after you get in the instance is the fist pull? If you asked me my A/S/L I would more than likely drop group, not crap. That is just odd, no offense. This is the most important part of the whole post, Seriously, don;t play an MMO to find a wife, worst possible place to look, NB4 someone post their life story and how they meet their wife through an MMO, I don't care, go play the lottery. The worst part of this is, there is more than likely some chick you know who want to jump your bones, and you are to oblivious to the fact to notice. To be honest, I talk and laugh and have a good time, even when I am "rushing", but i have yet to have one of these epic 4-man instance be shorter than 45mins, and I have meat various people who i enjoy playing with in-game, but if they asked me my life story when we first met in a instance, I probably would be running with them anymore. to be honest the same is true of real life... no one wants to divulge their life story and Problems on people they just Met IT IS RUDE.
  3. This makes me laugh.... It was cool to say in beta, but now its just so-last-week Willing to bet if us "wow'er" quit ,all of us, this game would take a big crap and you would be running around lfg all day, please stop with this. Bioware doesn't want us to quit. we prop this game up with our monies.
  4. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you seriously think bioware is going to do anything about this? They dont reply to post let alone read them for anything other then trolls, or thing they think they can delete....soon this will be deleted.
  5. It just gets worse and worse lol, wow are you serious!!!!!! Bioware is about to faceplant this mmo so hard.
  6. Well options 1) flies in the face of Bioware policy of communication so.. no brainer there 2) they would just shutdownt eh forums if thsi was the problem 3) This is the ticket.
  7. i flag it hopefully they will remove it soon
  8. next time try not to ruin the story for ever one else... kids nowadays
  9. no one can troll this one so it must be pointless...
  10. We want PvP brackets in the future! i.e Level brackets
  11. For the love of all that is holy; There is no Target-of-target which makes healing, and tanking, and really proper dps, hard to do their job, both in PVE and PVP
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