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Alignment Restricted Items


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Yesterday I had an alignment restricted Lightsabre equipment to my character. During the course of a conversation My alignment shifted and I was no longer able to use the weapon. This wouldn't have been bad but for the fact I had to then fight and elite mob for a quest.


This was a major annoyance as I had to traverse to my ship after dying to the mob to pick up a weapon that I could use, traipse back and then fight the mob.


As a simple solution for this problem, which a little searching has shown is fairly frequent, I propose that a change be made so that any character able to use that type of weapon can equip and use it BUT only a character of the correct alignment gets the stat bonus associated with the weapon.


For example a Lightsabre has:


10-20 damage

+5 Str

+5 End

+5 Pwr

requires Dark 1


Any Lightsabre wielding class could equip and use the weapon for its base damage only, Dark 1+ characters would also get the +str, end and pwr.


This makes sense from a practical/Rp point of view too. Just because a weapon is attuned to one side of the force it doesn't mean your character would suddenly forget how to swing it.


What do you think?

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\signed. A compromise if that would be "too different from now" would be to allow people within a certain low alignment difference to use it with base stats. So dark 2 could use dark 3 with base stats and not bonus while dark 1 can't. However I do prefer your idea over this one.
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