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Why women make the best sith warriors.


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I split my points between what seems most useful at the time, then respec later. "Backhand costs one less rage to cast"--but I don't have backhand yet. Uhm.


I just got to the top of the tank tree and it's pretty sick.


But a lot of the trees in this have some loser perks all by themselves.


The tank (left) spec comes alive at tier 5:




Tier 5 (the Backhand row) is all win--you can now manhandle an elite better than any other class (saber throw/force charge 2 second stun/backhand/force choke/ravage/force push/saber throw(?)/force charge.) The elite can barely respond to the rectal examination you're administering.

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FYI I think the high-level tank-specced Jugg favors a DPS companion, which is almost as important as your spec, in PvE--many people use Quinn the healer since it seems to make sense for a tank.


But your array of abilities can keep an elite stunned and useless for large swathes of time, during which time having Vette or J. blasting away is quite helpful. Quinn can do much if you're stunning and stasising and force-pushing an elite to oblivion.

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women make the best sith warriors because once a month they have an unlimited supply of RAGE!



joking aside, i'm starting a jugg alt, i would like to know if the tank build is best for fast leveling?


I'd recommend vengance over immortal until 30 or 40. But that is my personal preference only. I know many people have leveled immortal solely and enjoyed it. the things that I noticed about both specs (switched back and forth a bit as I leveled)


Immortal - more defensive skills, good rage build until the 20's due to low level talent. Vengeance is better for rage post 20, and immortal catches up in the 40's. better build to run with if you are going to use DPS companions.


Vengeance - More offensive skills. surprisingly, some nice defensive skills as well (Unstoppable is a fantastic solo defensive skill...you can get it as early as 20, relistically 22) DPS is nicer, feels smoother then Immortal through 40. Immortal gets some nice skills higher up tho too


Ultimately, higher up, it depends on what you prefer. Immortal is better defense, but damage lacks. with a solid DPS companion (a.k.a vette with top notch gear) you will still kill quite fast. Vengance is higher DPS, but suffers in the mitigation area (but nothing that isn't overcome by solid skill use). dps companion for faster kills, or healer for smoother play. Rage (I hear...haven't played it yet myself), is great for PvP at all levels, and good for Pve as well post 40.


But this is personal opinion, and im sure there's plenty of peeps who have leveled fully in all 3 of the trees. look at it this way...


Immortal - Heavy mitigations, low on dps

vengance - great dps, medium mitigations

Rage - great burst dps, medium mitigations


and pick you companion to suit your playstyle. And women still make the best warriors :) cute...and they RAGE!

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