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No lvl 50 PvP Quest


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I am a fairly new lvl 50 and am new to pvp having only done a few WZ when i was just starting out. When I started wanting to do some pvp I went to the terminal and I still can only get the quest United We Stand which is grey because its for lvl 10s!!!


Do I need to complete something first to get the quest as apart from the low level quest all the other quests available seem to be connected to the open world pvp. I finally got a response from the in game help after 3 days waiting which basically said thanks for letting us know and keep looking at the patch notes!


This is all very confusing and frustrating as I am trying to do some pvp with my guild but they all get a bag from the daily and I can't even get the quest.


Any help or if anyone else has had this issue would be great.

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