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Ok I admit it am confused as hell and need help.


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Ok I have a lvl 50 assassin in full cent gear so am not a total noob at pvp, but i just didn't like the play style so i made a marauder, now i did some research before hand and decided on picking the Annihilation Tree.


Day 3 of my pvp experience i was told that Annihilation was for pve and that i should change ( i wasn't really enjoying the style away so no biggy )


Now as i like both PvP and pve I went Carnage and lvled to 43 doing ok coming top in kills most of the time but getting middle DPS, but getting a lot of deaths, overall I enjoy the spec.


Now I got raged on when a team mate asked me my spec, When i said Carnage I got told only noobs play Carnage and i should L2P I was confused as i toped the kills again and 2nd in Dps but as normal i died about 10 times :eek:


So in a effort to lurn the class i respected to Rage and again it wasn't long before i was feelin the heat, being called a abuser and marauders needed nurfin, the only thing is i have no idea what he / she was talking about :confused:


So now once again am back to working out what spec i should be I dont really like Annihilation, Carnage for me is the most fun, but I seem to lack any real survivability, and as for rage well all i did for the 2 wz i played was get raged on :rolleyes:


So, the main question i need to ask is what is the pvp & pve spec for a marauder that is good at both, but wont get me raged on if i die 15 times a wz or people accuse me of abuse, and can someone please tell me what the hell i was abusing coz i ant got a friggin clue


I really need help on this one guys coz lvl 50 is coming fast :D

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Well i enjoy Carnage but i do die alot, like i said am not a noob, but when a trooper gets hold of me its, zap, zap dead or Zap, zap runaway !!!!!!!!


I seem on the forums here, that Marauders are underpowered & overpowered, and so on and so on, I enjoy the class, but dieing 10 times in a Wz is a bit much, but tbh i found if i just dealt with killin people and winning the wz then i got more kills and higher dps tho i die a LOT more, 1/2 my time was spent running away to heal : /


So i have to ask is it a L2P problem or a class or spec problem ???

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