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PvP balance


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This is probably thread 1001 complaining about the balance in PvP but honestly Bioware... when are we going to see some balancing between the classes. Let me give you an example. Level 50 PvP, Empire vs Republic both sides using mostly champion gear, both sides are competent and good at PvP and yet what I see on the field... it takes 3 people to take down one trooper. Why? First because he can heal without any push back, and we cannot interrupt his heals. 2 he takes damage like a tank, 3 he hits like a Mack truck. And yes while attempting to time our stuns increases our chances to kill them, as a Jugg, one back hand and a force choke (my best and pretty much only viable stuns) and they are full diminishing return, break the second stun and heal full.


This same problem goes for the Sage. They hit harder than a mack truck which also cannot be interrupted, heal without interruption and due to their bubble are better at damage reduction in pvp than my immortal Jugg... both of these classes are a jack of all trades and master of all...


Another thing that I think really needs to be looked at are the stun locks. No other MMO uses stuns that last 10 seconds, let alone 10 seconds while taking dmg. Bioware you want to make PvP in this game into a professional arena based competition like another unmentioned MMO, you need to look at why other mmo's don't allow stun locks or classes the ability to be a master of all.


Personally I think you need to make all heal spells and channeled dmg spells perminently interruptable, the cost of the big spells actually mean something, increase the timer between using the dmg bubbles and reduce their dmg absorb % for sages and sorc's start toning down the stuns to 2 to 4 seconds.


I also realize my idea's aren't going to be popular with people, especially those playing troopers or sages/sorc but if you think critically about it and look at other MMO's who do PvP seriously you know I'm right.


Looking over the latest patch notes I still don't see balancing changes... so I have to ask. When Bioware, when are we going to see balancing changes to even the playing field.

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