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Reduce the cooldown of rakata grenades


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Dear Devs,

of all the purple craftable by crew skill, the least useful are the grenades just because on 5 min SHARED cooldown they aren't so good. Other crew skill have purple items that works continuosly (like crafted piece of armor or weapon) or great resuable like biochem (why biochem is on 1min and 30secs and not on 5 min?), cybertech has 5 min SHARED cooldown grenades ?!?!?

I don't think it's so unbalanced to put a 1 and half minute of SHARED cooldown, the shared one is for balance, but it could give more meaning to cybertech pvp-wise, otherwise biochem will be the king forever (hope the fix of the missing requisites for crafted rakata armor will come soon...)


p.s. the recuced cooldown will be only for purple grenades


Thank You!!

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