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Ilum....lets start over..


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Ilum as it is, is a simple zerg fest with no meaningful pvp. Get your 30 kills and then hit the Warzones.....done for the day.



Scratch ilum......wipe it out. Lets start over......



Ilum v2.0


Keep southern and Northern fortress (repub and imp fly in zones)



ADD 4 fortress, each can be claimable by a guild (1 fortress per guild). Guilds can upgrade various areas of fortress with money (since we have nothing to spend it on now anyways except vehicles).


Automated Turret upgrqade (more hp or more damage, the higher you go the more it coests)


Main door upgrades (thicker doors takes longer to destroy them, but also costs a ton more cash to upgrade)


Player controlled turrets (upgrade same as automated turrets)


Fortress Commander (upgrade him to be stronger and more powerfull in various areas)



Basically the attackers must shoot down doors, melee bang on them. till door is dead.


Each fortress should have 4 automated turrets (2 outside to protect the doors and 2 inside to protect the base commander) and 2 player controlled turrets on the walls to shoot at enemy.


Each fortress should have ladders on outside of walls to give the enemy stealthers a chance to sneak into the base to try and disable Generator that powers the turrets or kill players inside the fortress.


Turrets once detroyed are on one hour timers to respawn (reward 5K valor to the Ops that kills it)


Turrets have a range of 50.


Generator has 50K HP. Once destroyed on one hour timer to respawn.



Goal is to kill the Fortress commander and take over the base and claim it.


Overall goal is for one side to claim all 4 bases and open up a special operations to that side only. This operation would drop tokens to buy the warlord pvp gear. The pvp vendors would be located inside each of the fortresses that is claimable.



Now to champion and battle master bags. Change the costs on champion and battle master gear.


BM chest costs 10 tokens

BM belt cost 7 tokens

BM weapon costs 14 tokens


Each BM chest has 1 garaunteed BM tokens. You want to have a slower progression on players buying gear...here it is, just now players can actually work to the gear they want and are rewarded everyday for their efforts.


Champion bags....same as BM chests.


Centurion gear, lower req to level 40 and purchasable with warzone tokens at 200 each.


Buying bags

Centurion bags 200 WZ tokens

Champion bags 200Wz 200 merc

Battlemaster bags 1000Wz 1000 Merc




You want meaningful pvp, here it is. You want ppl to have fun...here it is. You players rewarded for their efforts...here it is....now it is up to you. Players will take pride in their fortresses, Empire and republic will take pride in owning the zone.....



And last but not least, you will have to remove the cap on how many can be on ilum and fix your network issues for large scale pvp....has been done in many others games i am sure you guys can do it too.

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