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Make Ilum fun, then fix it.


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Even if things worked as intended, ilum is just not fun. The approach to creating ilum should have been total sandbox fun without any attention put to objectives at all. Get people to want to play it because it is fun first, then add in objectives and rewards in once that is accomplished. The problem with ilum is not the objectives or the rewards, it is the total lack of fun. I have spoken to people who initially went out there to get the rewards, discovered that ilum was so mind numbingly boring that they do not care about the rewards. They just stick to warzones now.


Start over bioware. Blow up ilum. Create an open world pvp environment with just "fun" as your driving inspiration. Release it, people will play it if it is fun, then you can add in rewards for what they like doing anyway.


Ideas to make it fun.


Vehicles unique to that zone, some are better than others, and some can be used by multiple players at the same time. The better vehicles spawn less and the locations where they spawn are random not in the same place all the time.


Monsters that roam around and randomly attack players, they can only be killed with the vehicles, they should not drop rewards. These monsters will be attracted to areas that contain large numbers of players.


Bolster the side that has fewer players, give them a buff so they can still fight if they are outnumbered.


Add structures with narrow passagways, within those structures have rewards that spawn randomly, put traps and monsters inside. The structures can be destroyed by the vehicles, killing anyone inside them and destroying the reward.


Give players special cool abilities that can only be used in the open world pvp area


Add random weather and envioromantal events to the area that can affect the outcome of fights. Dropping into these weather events offers you some protection because visability within them is low. Monsters, buildings and vehicles often spawn in these areas. The weather events drift around at random.


No safe zones, No guards. No turrets. no spawn points. Players should have the ability to drop or spawn into the map at any location they wish.


These are a few ideas to make open world pvp a bit more fun.

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They could have done anything "different". Added massive NPC vehicles we could fight/drop from or an hourly speeder (with pvp cheatin) tourney or whatever else that seems kinda starwars-y.


Instead we have an empty, open map that has no point other than to collect a few kills for the daily/weekly.


Never has the hamsterwheel been so transperant and lazy as Illum. In a 2012 MMO, that's pretty sad.

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