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This game is Fantastic! But doesn't feel like KOTOR or originally intended...


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Now, let me start off by saying this, I love the game in every sense and word, I love the gameplay, story, and questing structure, however, to mean this game confines what it really was initially supposed to be and became somewhat more of a game closer to WoW.


Now is this a bad thing? Absolutely not, WoW is a major success and grew the mmo market by a lot, however WoW has been out since 2004 and using the same formula doesn't give the game a fresh feel.


A couple days ago, I was playing the Original KOTOR, probably got about 10 hours in and just got onto Dantooine. The music, fluid combat, and UI made me feel how I wanted the game to initially come out, it made me feel like a blind fool, who has been persecuted by BioWare, to make me like a game I didn't want this game to be like back in 2009.


After this I though "wow" and I went on to Youtube and looked at all the old developer dispatch videos and trailers and the game looked and gave a feel that was so much different, felt like a true KOTOR mmo, looking at new gameplay of PvP from my youtube channel I felt as if BioWare has hypnotized us.


Therefore, I came onto the site and read a lot of old developer updates, and thought "Damn, the game that initially saw, is a small essence of what it is now"


Curiosity followed me and yesterday I called a fellow friend from Texas, who alpha tested the game, the question never came to mind for me to ask him, but the conversation went as followed:


"Hello, do you still play star wars?"

"Yup, is that why you're calling me"

"Yeah, I wanted to ask you if you think the game feels like it did when you alpha tested it back then"

"Kinda, the new UI makes the game feel different, and they added a lot of different stuff that doesn't make it feel like KOTOR, If you look at Korriban it felt like a great darth sith planet with great temples before, now it feels like a shallow red desert with angry sith"

"Hmm, I was just wondering, anyway, nice talking to you! Talk to you soon, bye"



Now it didn't go exactly, but along those lines


So BioWare, I'm gonna continue to play your game as long as it's fun and I like it, but why did you change the initial feel of the game to make it appeal to more people?

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this is why so many people are complaining, the feel of a single player RPG is totally different and BW doesn't really understand that




let me recap, the initial game did feel like a kotor mmo, did it feel like a mmo? Yes, did it feel like kotor? Yes, did it feel like WoW? No


Let me recap how it is now


Does it feel like an mmo? Kinda, does it feel like kotor? A bit, does it feel like WoW? A ton

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