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How is Valor/Kills Counted ???


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Maybe someone has asked this before but here it goes:


When your on Illum and you get kills with the zerg, some don't count and no valor is given. Now i understand that there is a 3 minute buffer or something when people die they don't give valor or kills, but this cant be for every kill.


Does anyone know what is necessary for credit on a kill?


I have gotten credit just standing there, Ive got credit hitting the target, and healing group members.


I have also done all of the above and not received a single kill for 20 minutes.


Does anyone have valid information we could all use to maximize our valor/kill's. This will help complete dailies and weeklies much quicker. Thanks in Advance.

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I found buffing the allied zerg gets me credit for their kills.


Lets me group with guildies and queue for warzones (instead of being in the Ilum ops group) while in Ilum and still do my Illum dailies.


world pvp working at its best.

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