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Filipino players


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Wouldn't that server have severely long queues once commercial launches, since EVERYBODY in oceanic timezones will be rolling in a single server?


Does the community have a secondary server option for pinoys/SEA/oceanic players?


Harbringer and Jek Jekk thingy (lol) for PVE players

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Unofficial Oceanic PvE Servers are Harbinger and The Jekk'Jekk Tarr


The Jekk'Jekk Tarr is where my guild will be rolling... well, they've rolled already... me, I'm still waiting for my early access. lol.


There you go thats for the PVE players. By the way the other pinoy guild Brotherhood of Destruction has been deployed at Juyo server, logged in last night sa Juyo but the guild is not yet up, got a message to create the guild but since I will be playing at swiftsure Ill leave it to their gm and officers to create the guild.


Pm me at the swiftsure my ign is Destro.

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