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Light saber variety discussion...(and question about corrusant commendations)


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Ok by pure dumb luck, i stumbled across one of the shmexiest things i have discovered in this star wars mmo to date. The righteous harbingers light saber. Most lightsabers kinda have that loud whoosh/whine, and the loud hum. Not this saber, it flows out ever so softly, and has a 60s muscle car growl to it. im definitely in love. Two questions


1. are there other light sabers besides this one (it can be purchased for 14 commendations from corrusant vendor) that has a variety in igniting sound and general hum?

2. and what are the best way for my 26 sentinal to grind out 28 corrusant commendations, cause i MUST have two of them RIGHT NAO!

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