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Just led my first Op - Some feedback

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Things I really need in Operations:

  • Readycheck

    We use voice communication which helps but even with it if I ask "everyone ready" I get a chorus of "yeah" so I ask "anyone not ready", silence means go but then it turns out someone's afk. Readycheck please!

  • Target-of-Target

    Threat is an issue in this game. That's fine I guess if the game designers want it to be a major factor but knowing who's being targeted is incredibly important for the whole group. A threat meter (or equivalent expression of the info) would be great but I don't feel like I
    that. I do, however, feel like I need a ToT.

  • Bindable target markers

    A fun aspect of this game is how dynamically mobs will spawn or how fast combat can change and move. As a leader I really need to be able to communicate things to the group via those markers but the method of applying them is far too slow to be useful. Please add them to the keybinding interface!

  • Master loot option in normal mode

    My guess is that normal mode is considered PuG mode and, to rule out ninja-looting, master loot is disabled. I understand the issue but this doesn't feel like a good fix for the problem. Getting loot is a fun part of the Operation and the reward for your efforts on the boss. This implementation takes a lot of that away as I get a piece I don't need and others get nothing (for example). Perhaps make Master looter veto-able or disabled when more than one guild is represented in an Operation? (Just as ideas - most importantly, let us use ML!

  • Less load screens

    Those with computers that are a couple of years old can play the game and thoroughly enjoy it. That's fantastic however they do tend to suffer with extremely long loading screens. This is an issue that is further-reaching than just Operations but it is keenly felt in an Operation because the group is only as quick as their slowest member. Do we need to return outside the instance upon death? We have the 'exit area' button if we need to leave, could we not respawn at the start instead?

  • bug fixes >.<

    We had a great night but spent a long time tackling Soa and failing to bugs. Several times we had platforms behaving badly leading to holes in the floor or impossible drops in the mid-phases or the boss simply resetting (usually in the final phase). I don't mind wiping and love a challenge when it feels like it's one we can work on and progress but putting hours in and failing on bugs is so dreadfully disheartening, it becomes difficult to keep the group's morale up. I understand that "please fix bugs" is a request that is already being worked on (very hard I'm certain) but I feel it bares repeating. We love your Operation design. We had a great time. The bugs made us miserable.

Thanks ^_^

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We use voice communication which helps but even with it if I ask "everyone ready" I get a chorus of "yeah" so I ask "anyone not ready", silence means go but then it turns out someone's afk. Readycheck please![/indent]



I completely agree with all your points. I just like to point out that asking "anyone not ready" is like asking some if they are asleep. If they aren't ready they probably aren't there to say so. I usually just do a sit check. Everyone /sit if you're ready, or something along those lines that can visually queue you to who's ready.

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Ready Check - Tell everyone move up to a certain spot.

Target on Target - Completely Agree.

Markers - Get over it.

Masterloot - Meh.. Loot from normals is trash so it doesnt matter :)

Loading Screens - Amen

Bug Fixes - Refer to above statement ^^

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Tonight we down SOA on normal.


Lets continue our Hard save.

Hey instance is empty.

lets relog and regroup ...

still empty ...


Lets do kargs palace then ..


DPS got a healing relic, tank got a dps relic

DPS gets healing boots ....


Last boss ...

I dont need this ...

I already have better ...


sigh, raiding is f**** up atm.


Did i mention bugs?

ppl falling true floors, tanks being throw in mind traps, bosses despawning ...


Its a mess atm


But don't forget game is only 1 month old ... but it has been in a beta for like 3 years ...


Basic features missing, yes.

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