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pre order crystal, why no higher level version?


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topic says it all but il break it down anyway, there always one...


i have a question about the black and yellow crystal pre-orders get, so far ive found the vendor with the crystal and ive gotten my first one in the mail, but im wondering something,


i cant seem to find the same colour crystal for higher levels (is there even one?), and with better stats to match the higher level crystals, the crystal cant be broken down either with artifice, even for self-use only.


Does bioware belive that only lowbies altmakers such as myself to actually want that crystal at higher levels have to skip out on a great deal of stats just to keep the colour?


just to make things clear for the flamer posts i know will be about, i am not asking for OP stats, i am asking for a simple (insert blue-rate gem stats here) that perhaps can come at level 20,30,40,50 not epic quality, i can live without 10+extra stats of something but as of now, a +4 gem which currently is the only version


any colour gem with at least 30+ stats is gona fail out hard.

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Yeah I just put in a ticket about this. I pre-ordered the game to get the crystal then when I finally did it I can only use it for a short time until it becomes useless and the regular color crystals become better.

There should be different levels for the pre-ordered black/yellow crystal just how there is for other crystals

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