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Merc Healing Beginner's Video


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Here's a video of me healing as a Mercenary Bodyguard in the Athiss Flashpoint. Few tips in a tricks in the commentary. It's my 2nd commentary of all time and first SWTOR video, so let me know what you think, but be nice. Hope it helped XD

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First things first, you are a BOUNTY HUNTER not a Bodyguard! :csw_fett:

Sorry but that was bugging me every time you said it in the video.


Here is a slightly cleaner link to your video as well

That doesn't matter but it removes a lot of the unneeded text.


The video itself I thought moved quite briskly and you were nice and clear.

Worth pointing out your tank was 11 levels over that of the flashpoint which makes a big difference when diving right in to tank 2 champs.

You would have had more work to do with an on level party for the flashpoint.

Most bosses are CC immune which you can tell by a buff they have, though I am not sure how that double champ fight plays out normally.

Might have been tank both fight anyway, only ran Athis once a while back now.


You should have looted the last boss, he had a commendation that everybody in the group gets providing they loot him, worth pointing that out to people.


Over all pretty good job especially for just your second attempt.

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It really helps a lot. Definitely lets me know what I need to work on.


My next one's gonna be a pvp, me healing 'n stuff. Got any tips? The video is Hutta Ball, which seems to pop up 80% of the time, and i heal 144000+ points. I die like 5 times the entire game, and I know I've got mistakes in it, but any tips? Or would you need to see the video first? Is 144000 healing even impressive if I heal the entire game? lol. I've only pvp'ed like 10 matches total in SWTOR. Not much more in WoW, but i had 3 veterans helping me out and tutoring me back then.

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