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Companion problem bug I think, need help?


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Hi all,


Ok! I'm on nar shaddaa doing the shadow town quest and part way through while in a chat sequence with the companion who was helping on the quest, after the sequence finished my companions disapeared, they've aslo vanished from the character screen, but I need the companion to complete the quest when talking to Fain.


I've tried the repair tool and the ctrl+U to remove the ui and return it, thinking that might help, but they haven't appeared. If I go back to my ship the companions are there in the character sheet, but when returning back to nar shaddaa, they've disapeared again, I'm lvl 22. Just wondering if I've missed something or is this a bug? I have put a ticket in and nothing as yet, so just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?


Cheers for any help



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