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What is wrong with the PvP?


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You get ganked, Ok, that happens. No problem.


But, when you res at your location where you got killed, you get black "loading screen" (why on earth do the game need to put a loading screen when you res???).

While you have this black loading screen you are not invisible. The people killed you can then kill you again, before you get out of the loading screen and you are dead again when you see the world around you, and you see someone dancing on your corps again.


IMO you should not resurect where you lay, you should be entering a "ghost" mode so you can move freely around for a few seconds before "resurecting" propperly.


As it is now, all you have to do is to stand on the corps where you killed someone, then AoE the hell out of the place when you see the corps disepair.

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